5 Realistic Reasons to be a Sustainable Company

In case you are new in the subject of sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), in a nutshell they are principles that believe that, in the long run, companies are better if they can be sustainable in terms of Profit, People, and Planet. Profit: obviously a company needs to make profit to run, as they say ‘money makes the world go round’, – no problem understanding that! But the other two, People and Planet, may sound too good for us who are so used to the old paradigm of pure profit oriented companies (*evil companies*) who demand so much from their employees and care so little about everything else other than making as much profit as possible.

Although in our heart we know there’s got to be a limit, – nature is one of the inevitable limits on the verge of a breaking-point – but still, is it too naive to imagine a good company that can make enough profit to support itself and all its employees, and yet is environment friendly and also cares about the communities around it? Too good to be true?

In early October 2015, BeritaSatu interviewed Alistair Speirs (Chairman of The World’s Most Valued Brands – MVB Indonesia), Andy Zain (member of the International Brand Council, and also Managing Director of Mountain Kejora Ventures), and Yoris Sebastian (Founder of OMG Consulting).

Although the interview is about sustainability in general, but we also picked up 5 Realistic Reasons by these experts that a sustainable company is NOT too good to be true after all!

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Melie (Gogonesia) featured in TechInAsia as 8-under-30 Women Enterpreneur

Melieyana Tjioe of Gogonesia is recently featured as one of the 8 women entrepreneur under 30 in Indonesian Tech industry. Melie founded Gogonesia, a travel portal to discover and book thousands activities and tours from local operators in Indonesia. Gogonesia is one of Ideabox Batch 2 company.

Tourism is definitely a big industry in Indonesia. There is a noticeable growth of domestic travellers, and Gogonesia sees this as an opportunity, because many of the travellers will seek tour packages for family activities and weekend trips.

Go Melie!

ProSehat: Finding a Cure of Indonesia’s Slow Pharmacy

While finding some off-the-shelf headache medicine is SO easy, finding a more uncommon kind of medicine by prescription can cause a headache on its own.

For some reason pharmacies in Indonesia are terribly under-stocked. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, then they can’t check if partner pharmacies have that stock and pre-ordering would be ridiculously long and unpredictable. There’s no online system reliable enough to estimate the distribution. For patients who need very specific drugs (maybe regularly), this is a life or death issue.

Gregorius Bimantoro, a qualified medical doctor, CEO and co-founder of ProSehat, sees this as a chance to help and startup a business. Dr Bimo, as he as casually known, is also a Founder Institute recent graduate.

ProSehat is a local startup with the mission to solve the problem above. It’s basically an online marketplace for pharmaceutical needs. Patients may request their medicine online by including a photo of a doctor’s prescription. The request is matched up with a pharmacy that can provide the right drug. It is then delivered to the patient. Delivery costs are free for now, though ProSehat is thinking about monetizing this segment in the future.

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Sebastian’s Interview with Techno.id: The Time Machine Effect

Ever watched ‘Back to the Future’? Did you know that one of the ‘far future’ that Doc and Marty visited is actually our year 2015? Funny coincidence huh?

But jokes aside if you did have a time machine and an entrepreneur’s mindset, imagine what you could do with a time machine that could bring you to 10-15 years ago. You could invest in the companies you know will succeed, you could start a business in the things you know will go BOOM!

Well guess what, according to Sebastian Togelang (Founding Partner of Mountain Kejora Ventures) you do have a time machine! How so?

Sebastian in his interview with Techno.id stated that, “The (tech industry) startup condition in Indonesia now is like the US and Europe in the early 2000s,” said Sebastian, or like China around 2006. Currently Indonesia has around 1,500 startups in this industry.

So being in Indonesia is like stepping into a time machine. And if it worked for them, obviously it’s open for us in Indonesia too.

Another advantage is that since we’re still in the startup phase, “there is no key winner in Indonesia yet,” Sebastian added.

Very interesting indeed… below are some of the key points we picked up from Sebastian’s interviews with Techno.id.

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Ngomik.com – Drawing a Line from Comic Artists to Fans

A joke says that in Japan they use more paper for comics (manga, the Japanese comics) than for toilet paper! Well, whether fact or myth any good entrepreneur can see the big opportunity there, even better if that entrepreneur also happens to love comics for the fun and artistic sides.

Wisnu Manupraba, founder of Ngomik.com, is exactly that and more!

Ngomik.com itself is a startup that facilitates local comic artists to publish their works digitally, so everyone can read their comics on mobile devices or on the web.

The idea came to Wisnu as he realized that mobile devices are everywhere, – even kids nowadays have smartphones! – while on the other side comic artists are struggling to publish their works due to the lack of funding and sufficient royalty. So there is an opportunity if one could connect the dots. Thus Ngomik.com was born. It has evolved through the many input from its users and now hosts about 6,500 titles, with a total of 11,000 chapters going forward.

The world of comics of course doesn’t stop there. Much of the intellectual property there, especially the characters, can be made into merchandizes or marketing contents. And who knows if one day the stories can be adapted into TV series or movies!

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Cupslice: a Local Photo Editor App Gaining Popularity

Don’t we all love looking at interesting images on the internet, especially through social media? Whether it’s a meme, a beautifully edited selfie (or welfie?), a collage of your travel pictures, or an inspiring quote with provoking imagery, we have to admit that visual aid is always powerful. But in our mobile trend, often it’s too much of a hassle to open your laptop just to touch up your latest profile picture, so that’s why we need a mobile photo editor.

Cupslice is exactly that! Sure there are plenty of other similar apps out there. Basic functions, like cropping and adding text, are all a dime a dozen! Some of the latest smartphones even have these functions built-in. So, what makes Cupslice worth it are the contents!
2.2 - 2015.10 - 49 - 1 pic2Abdur Rabbi Arrasul Sayaf (a.k.a. Aif), CEO of Cupslice, explains that most contents on social medias have primary sources. Search engines like Google and Bing can trace the source to the initial one. “Most people congregate in global forums such as Reddit and 4chan… For Indonesia’s case most people gather in Kaskus… What’s trending there will spread to other social medias,” he explained.

These global trends can be translated into Cupslice contents, which can be downloaded for free in the Cupslice Café, a feature in the app that has all the latest contents from Cupslice. Aif claims that Cupslice actually gained popularity in the US and India first, so their contents must adapt to the taste of those markets. They can even update their contents 10 times a week just to make sure they are ahead in the trend!

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Chaim Fetter on Kick Andy – Entrepreneur with a Mission

Behind every successful business there is always a great story, especially on how the founder was motivated. On the Kick Andy talkshow on Oct. 2, 2015, Andy interviewed Chaim Fetter, founder of Jualo.com, dug deeper into his past and found the real reasons why this young entrepreneur is so driven.

Jualo.com is an e-commerce business whose site is a portal for buying and selling goods (a.k.a. C2C classified business portal). A lot like OLX or Berniaga, but with the extra advantage of their GeoSearch tool which allows us to buy from other people close to where we are.

Currently some portion of the proceeds from Jualo.com support Chaim’s Peduli Anak foundation in Lombok. This philanthropic organization focuses on saving street children by giving them free education, lodging, and even arranges these abandoned children to be restored to their family and receive support so they can experience a decent and normal family life through Family Care program. Chaim founded Peduli Anak in 2005, and now (2015) it already has 3 orphanages, a primary school, and the Family Care program, all run by around 50 staff (including teachers).

Quite impressive! Did all this start BIG? No…

Chaim revealed that everything started small. In a very honest and matter of fact way he told Andy and the audience of his difficult past, of how he came from a poor family in the Netherlands. We think perhaps this background made him more sympathetic to the fates of street kids. But what made him different was his knack for business, for making profit by buying and selling.

Around the age of seven, Chaim has already started earning extra allowance by buying second hand or used things from flea markets and selling them for a profit through classified ads on newspapers. By the age of 13 he already learned some computer programming and could make his own website; by 17 he started his first e-commerce business; and by 23 or so he was actually living a comfortable life already.

Chaim said in the interview, “by 23 years old I was already in a mid-life crisis. I’ve already achieved much but I was unhappy and felt like I was not living a meaningful life.” It seemed like providence that when he went on a vacation to Lombok in 2004 he was moved to help one street kid. He didn’t want to give the boy just money, and the boy said he wanted schooling although he didn’t even have a place to stay. So Chaim arranged to pay for the boy’s tuition and also living costs, – he was also lucky to find a teacher who let the child live with him while Chaim helped with the living costs.

Month after month he monitored the boy’s development and he found a renewed sense of purpose in this philanthropic act. What came next shocked Andy and the audience.

In just a short period Chaim sold all his business in the Netherlands and simply moved to Lombok to start a new life in Indonesia and the Peduli Anak foundation to help the street children in Lombok.

“What did your parents say?”, asked Andy in disbelief at Chaim’s willingness to leave his comfort zone for something entirely new. “Oh, they were happy!” was Chaim’s cool reply, which was then followed by the audience’s warm laughter. If only we all had such open minded-parents!

And that concludes our cover for Chaim’s interview on the show. Last but not least though, it’s worth noting Chaim’s views on the C2C classified business portal. “People think Berniaga and OLX are big, actually they’re not. Compared to the internet penetration in Indonesia, they have about four to five million (members). Less than five percent. The market is still huge,” as he claimed to DailySocial.

The data from eMarketer also shows that online buyers in Indonesia currently comprise around 10% of the total internet users. This figure is predicted to surpass 13% by 2018, and even so that is still low compared with other Asian peer countries’. In China currently more than 50% of its internet users are online shoppers.

Enjoy the interview below:

Dealoka Launch in Bandung!

About two weeks ago, Dealoka, Ideabox company that provides mobile voucher for deals and promotion, formally launched in Bandung. We applauded the Dealoka team’s effort to make it happen, definitely a wonderful feat to pull.

The launch is a long awaited event. Dealoka wrote in their blog that they had a fanatical user in Bandung that (positively, out of deep care of Dealoka) rated them with 1 star because he/she could not find anymore deal in the city! Thus begun Dealoka’s quest to enter Bandung! First they recruited a local team from Bandung and deployed for few months to understand the market – what’s hot and what’s not, while all the others supported in preparing marketing collaterals, design materials, MC, event planning, crowd gathering, media promo, and a lot others. Until the very last minute.

Also the highlight of the launch was the attendance of Kamalia Purbani as the head of Bandung Smart City, who represents Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor. Ms. Kamalia apreciate Sidnei’s and team, specially saying Sidnei as “urang Bandung” (Bandung native) that returned from Kangaroo Country to help Bandung’s SME in entering the digital era.

2.2 - 2015.10 - 47 - 1 pic2
Dealoka Launch @ Bandung

Bandung is the second city where Dealoka operates after Jakarta. Dealoka is optimistic that they will prosper well in Indonesia, by transforming how people conduct transaction smartly and easily using their smartphones.

Looks like the launch is well received, judging by all the good reviews they received. And being their investor we have some insider information that the number showed a significant jump after the launch… Well done, Dealoka!