Top 15 tips in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Running E-commerce Startup with Denny Santoso

On March 16th, we invited our mentor from and, Denny Santoso, to talk about digital marketing, entrepreneurship and running an e-commerce. It was an entertaining and very informative session. In order to share a little of the knowledge that we received from Mr. Santoso, we will try to summarize the answers into 15 tips about digital marketing, entrepreneurship and running an e-commerce platform.

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Founders’ Stories: Arne Van Looveren

Y Group Asia, founded in April 2014, is a digital performance consultancy company that has expanded their operations to three ASEAN countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The Y Group Asia consists of the companies, Y Digital, B Digital and Y Academy. Since creation, Y Group Asia has done many great things in their two years of operation. They have grown so much and had worked with interesting companies such as: Superbrands, Barbie, Evian, GrabTaxi and many more well-known companies. There no doubt, the leading factor to this success was contributed to Y Group Asia’s amazing team, led by amazing leadership.

We’ve previously interviewed the CEO of Y Group Asia, Boye Hartmann, not long ago. However the success of Y Digital Asia is not done by a man but a group of interesting men. Today, our Kejora team would like to introduce the CCO of Y Group Asia, the fun and humble Arne Van Looveren. Read more to know the creation of Y Group Asia from an alternative perspective and find out Arne’s tips in creating a successful startup.

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The Kejora Series: Fall 2016 Startup Trends Pt. 1

In our first story, we gave you an introduction about venture capitals and other investors that you can approach to get funding. In our second story, we guided you to the steps in approaching a potential investor through our checklist of materials you need to prepare and the guide to approach your potential investors. Ending the previous story, we briefly talk about the Investor Funding Trend. Just like fashion and lifestyle trends, investors also have funding trends for startups they are interested in funding. By knowing this trend you would be able to find out whether your startup is going with or against the funding trend. Our Kejora Fall 2016 Funding Trend Guide will help you determine how much effort you need to put into persuading your potential investor in order to fund your business.

Due to the length of the story, we intend to split the article into five parts for the five categories of startups that we believe Indonesian investors are looking to invest. In each part of the article, we will focus in the sub-categories of types of startups that is “hot” in that category and talk about what they are and how they work. We will also talk about how the startup is doing in the global market, why is there a market opportunity for that startup in Indonesia. Lastly, we will mention some International Startup that fits in the specific sub-category mentioned so that you can have a heads-start to work on in creating your case-study research.

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Dr. Bimo Represents AtomaMedical and Prosehat in SeedStars Switzerland

Prosehat has been with the Kejora Family since September 2015 now. It’s been a great pleasure to have them around, especially when you have two practicing doctors around to give you free check-ups or medical advice in office. But back to Prosehat, Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to get over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, vitamins, and other health products. They started in August 2015 as a branch of Atoma Medical. Recently they were invited to join SeedStars World as the top 54 finalists of 2015, and to become the Startup representative of Indonesia.

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Founders’ Story: Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro

For those of you who have not heard of Atoma Medical or Prosehat, this is a great opportunity to learn about them and their CEO and founder, Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro, also known as Dr. Bimo by the residents of Kejora HQ. Atoma Medical is a digital health communication company that provides services aiming to improve people’s health through reliable content and access to the right technology. Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to buy over-the-counter medicines, prescripted medicing, vitamins, and other health-related products.

A wise man said that an organization is only as good as its leader, therefore in order to introduce you better to Atoma Medical and Prosehat, we decided to interview the company CEO and founder. It was a refreshing interview, as Dr. Bimo was very humble yet his passion for his company was extraordinary. Read more to hear about the startup journey of Dr. Bimo and his founder team in creating Atoma Medical and Prosehat and gain his valuable insights in becoming an entrepreneur and building your own startup. Hard work and passion, these are the two attributes that we believe best describe Dr. Bimo as an entrepreneur. Continue reading “Founders’ Story: Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro”

The Kejora Series: Steps to Approach Your Investor of Choice Pt. 2

Last week, we published the first part of our article about the steps to approach your potential investor. In this part of the article, we will talk about steps a founder can take to approach your investor of choice in Indonesia. Although we stated that the materials and documents are the main source in determining whether you will get funded or not, you still have to approach your investor of choice in a certain manner in order to put your foot-on-the-door to get their attention.

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Founders’ Stories: Rama Dhonanto

Sportdeca is undoubtly a rising star among the e-commerce industry. Founded by Andreas Thamrin and Rama Dhonanto, these two individuals broke through all odds when they were acquired by Migme, a social network company. But you would probably know this fact already. However did you know that Shopdeca, Sportdeca and Migme Indonesia are all residents of Kejora HQ? Because of this joyous fact, our Kejora Team was able to get a hold of one of Sportdeca’s co-founder, Rama Dhonanto. Read more to know about Rama’s startup journey and advices in running a business in the e-commerce industry.

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The Kejora Series: Steps to Approach Venture Capitals pt.1

Congratulations, now that you’ve done your research about the different venture capitals in your community in Indonesia we can start working on the steps you can do to approach them. In this chapter, we will talk about the checklist about the different materials that you need to have before approaching your venture capital, angel investors or other investors of choice. After you collected all the materials in the checklist, we will also provide you with our suggestion in the steps to take when approaching an investor. Please keep in mind that our suggested guide is not the only method in approaching an investor. In addition, the success in getting funding for your business depends on you and your business.

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Bdigital Features in Globe Asia

Have you heard of BDigital? BDigital provides a complete solution to support SMEs in all types of business in Indonesia. Their motto of serving the local first means more than just effective sales, they aim to improve the productivity of SMEs so that the economy can becomes more developed and prosperous. Their service includes website design, online marketing, social media management, human resource accounting. BDigital is a startup that was created here in Kejora HQ along with other startups such as YDigital Asia, Etobee and many more. It has recently celebrated their first anniversary and has started to establish itself in the digital industry. With their competitive pricing plan and their quality customer service, they have shown amazing growth since the creation of their startup. Not long ago, BDigital  were featured in one of the  cover story articles in the renowned Indonesian business magazine. Read on to learn more about BDigital. There’s no doubt that it will be entertainment read and you may even find yourselves with a handful of new insights you can apply to your own business.

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The Kejora Series: Introduction to Venture Capitals

There’s no doubt that there has been an increase in the trend of adopting the startup culture here in Indonesia. Nowadays, everyone seems to be making their own startup or at least talking about it. Knowledge about creating a startup are exchange daily between individuals. However, there seems to be a knowledge deficit being passed around about venture capitals in Indonesia. Information about who they are, benefits in approaching them and guidelines in how to approach them. If you are one of these people wanting to learn more about how venture capitals run in Indonesia, consider yourself lucky as the Kejora Team has decided to help sharing these knowledge through writing our Kejora series to help new founders learn more about the world of investing.

In this series you will find out about how venture capital run, how to attract the right venture capital and other tools that may help you in your funding journey. You will learn about the dos and don’t when approaching a potential investor and warning signs to notice when a toxic potential investor approaches your startup. Stay updated with us as we will share some free-to-use tools and templates that you can use for your startup.

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Bringing your Local Toy Store to Your Home with

When raising children or having friends and family members with children, it can be quite inconvenient to find children presents due to having to go to toy stores and thinking of a present they might like. As parents it is troublesome to find presents for your children friends’ birthday parties, especially when you have take time off your work to find them. Continue reading “Bringing your Local Toy Store to Your Home with”

Founders’ Story: Ricardo Santos

As part of the Y Digital Group, bDigital is the first online business builder that provides tools and solutions to increase productivity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Indonesia, especially in website design and online marketing. SMEs have been the backbone of Indonesia’s economy, but unfortunately, most of the SMEs are not reaching their maximum potential just yet because they are still mostly offline. bDigital has a vision to help digitize SMEs in Indonesia by being one stop platform that provides easy to use and affordable solutions that help grow their business and find customers online, as well as increase productivity. Moreover, bDigital is committed to educating and delivering value through free training and seminars. Started a year ago, bDigital has more than 3,000 members and more of 100 customers. Looking forward to expand in SEA, bDigital is working hard to launch a white label and re-seller solution with multi languages and currencies.

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” — John Maxwell

Now that we’re introduced to bDigital, but do you know about the leaders of bDigital? Fortunately, due to bDigital residing in Kejora HQ, our Kejora team was able to get an interview from bDigital’s CEO, Ricardo Santos, about his journey to build bDigital and gain some insights in building your own successful business.
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Founders’ Stories: Boye Hartmann

Based in Kejora HQ, a co-working space in Wisma Barito Pacific in Slipi. YDigital is definitely one of the many success stories in Mountain Kejora Ventures. We’ve heard about this Digital Marketing startup time and again but we never hear anything about their CEO, Boye Hartmann. Until now! We managed to track down this enthusiastic, lively entrepreneur and asked him to tell us his story. Here’s what he said…

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