TIA Jakarta 2017 Kejora Recap

The excitement of Tech in Asia Jakarta Event 2017 filled all corners of Hall B Jakarta Convention Center with more than five thousand visitors. This event only proves the high growth of startup ecosystem all across Asia, especially in Indonesia. Take a look at The Bootstrap Alley that exhibits three hundred innovative startups with diverse solutions to offer. With all the euphoria, here are some wrap up from us:

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Founder Institute Jakarta Welcomes Nine New Prominent Startup Founders

Jakarta Founder Institute just successfully graduated its summer batch of kick-ass entrepreneurs. The prominent startup launch program with its origin in Silicon Valley has become an important and reputable institution in Indonesia´s startup ecosystem. Out of hundreds of applications, 75 aspiring entrepreneurs were selected to participate in the program that was kicked-off in September last year. However, only nine founders survived the tough four-month program and were deemed worthy of graduation.

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Dr. Bimo Represents AtomaMedical and Prosehat in SeedStars Switzerland

Prosehat has been with the Kejora Family since September 2015 now. It’s been a great pleasure to have them around, especially when you have two practicing doctors around to give you free check-ups or medical advice in office. But back to Prosehat, Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to get over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, vitamins, and other health products. They started in August 2015 as a branch of Atoma Medical. Recently they were invited to join SeedStars World as the top 54 finalists of 2015, and to become the Startup representative of Indonesia.

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Founders’ Story: Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro

For those of you who have not heard of Atoma Medical or Prosehat, this is a great opportunity to learn about them and their CEO and founder, Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro, also known as Dr. Bimo by the residents of Kejora HQ. Atoma Medical is a digital health communication company that provides services aiming to improve people’s health through reliable content and access to the right technology. Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to buy over-the-counter medicines, prescripted medicing, vitamins, and other health-related products.

A wise man said that an organization is only as good as its leader, therefore in order to introduce you better to Atoma Medical and Prosehat, we decided to interview the company CEO and founder. It was a refreshing interview, as Dr. Bimo was very humble yet his passion for his company was extraordinary. Read more to hear about the startup journey of Dr. Bimo and his founder team in creating Atoma Medical and Prosehat and gain his valuable insights in becoming an entrepreneur and building your own startup. Hard work and passion, these are the two attributes that we believe best describe Dr. Bimo as an entrepreneur. Continue reading “Founders’ Story: Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro”

ProSehat: Finding a Cure of Indonesia’s Slow Pharmacy

While finding some off-the-shelf headache medicine is SO easy, finding a more uncommon kind of medicine by prescription can cause a headache on its own.

For some reason pharmacies in Indonesia are terribly under-stocked. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, then they can’t check if partner pharmacies have that stock and pre-ordering would be ridiculously long and unpredictable. There’s no online system reliable enough to estimate the distribution. For patients who need very specific drugs (maybe regularly), this is a life or death issue.

Gregorius Bimantoro, a qualified medical doctor, CEO and co-founder of ProSehat, sees this as a chance to help and startup a business. Dr Bimo, as he as casually known, is also a Founder Institute recent graduate.

ProSehat is a local startup with the mission to solve the problem above. It’s basically an online marketplace for pharmaceutical needs. Patients may request their medicine online by including a photo of a doctor’s prescription. The request is matched up with a pharmacy that can provide the right drug. It is then delivered to the patient. Delivery costs are free for now, though ProSehat is thinking about monetizing this segment in the future.

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FI 2015 Graduate Wins Seedstars World 2015 Jakarta – Congratulations for dr. Bimo (ProSehat)

Congratulations for dr. Bimo – Founder Institute 2015 graduate, for winning Seedstars World 2015 Jakarta!

Seedstars World Jakarta final was held on September 13th 2015. Featuring 12 best startups, based on invitation only, who pitched in front of local and international jury. As Alisee de Tonnac, the CEO of Seedstars World, says, “Our goal is to create THE network for quality entrepreneurs around the world and help entrepreneurs, accelerators, co-working spaces and investors to interact with one another.”

In 2009, dr. Bimo founded in 2009 a health portal tanyadok.com. His vision is to provide access to reliable healthcare information to improve lives of Indonesian people. The website featured thousands of health articles, combined with Q&A with real doctors (also thousands of them). Recently, dr. Bimo with two other Founders initiated a new startup ProSehat.com an online marketplace for healthcare products and services. He is tapping into the huge Rp 40 trillion market for Indonesian consumer healthcare, a big market, but definitely with challenges as well.

As a winner, ProSehat will be invited to go to Switzerland in March 2016 to pitch in Seedstars World Global Final!! Gruetzi! Viu Glueck u Erfoug!

How to Start: Idea Generation

Let’s take one step back… the very first step, long before you’re trying to raise your fund to investors.

You need to have a viable IDEA for your startup.

First of all, not all ideas are worth following up. Business ideas worth pursuing, in our opinion, have these characteristics:

  • it can last for 20 years
  • it can create 500 jobs
  • it can change the lives of 1 million people

But, how to find ideas?

There’s a good practise that we do in Founder’s Institute Jakarta (courtesy of our own @andyzain) to generate ideas, we called it Ideation Workshop (of course). It actually follows one of design thinking approach: divergent-convergent thinking. There are 5 steps.

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Adeo Ressi, CEO of the Founder Institute, Visits Kejora

Adeo Ressi is a serial entrepreneur, and the creator of Founder Institute, a global organization built with the goal of training people to become great entrepreneurs and creating over 1,000,000 jobs. To date, Founder Institute has created more than 1,000 companies per year in 78 cities globally. One of them is Indonesia. Continue reading “Adeo Ressi, CEO of the Founder Institute, Visits Kejora”

Ideabox – Geeks on a Bus

Ideabox’s “Geeks on a Bus” was an invite-only one-day tour for startups that recently graduated from Ideabox’s second incubation batch. Also tagging along were selected entrepreneurs from Founder Institute Jakarta. The entrepreneurs took a bus around Jakarta to visit some of the most established startups in Indonesia: GrabTaxi, Foodpanda, Zalora, Lazada and Kaskus. The aim of the tour was to expose new startups to established players, motivate them through success stories and shared learnings, leverage and build networks, and unite the local startup community. Continue reading “Ideabox – Geeks on a Bus”

Founder Institute: Branding & Marketing

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your field? What tools are used to follow important news and narratives? How do you identify and create industry narratives of your own? How do you identify and connect with influencers and journalists? What infrastructure do you need to be influential? How do you create content that attracts readers and commentary? How do you grow your influence in a market over time?

TOPIC: Branding & Marketing
1. Hermawan Kartajaya, pakar marketing Indonesia
2. Sakti Makki, pakar branding
3. Denny Santoso, digital stategist

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