This is How We Spread Holiday Cheer This Christmas



“Christmas Day is a day of joy and charity. May God make you very rich in both.”
– Phillips Brooks

Pohon natal, kue, lampu berwarna-warni, kumpul bersama keluarga. Aura yang dipancarkan oleh bulan terakhir dalam kalender ini memang memberikan kegembiraan tersendiri di hati kita, bukan? Kali ini, kami memiliki cara tersendiri untuk merayakannya. Bahkan, kami ingin mengajak Anda untuk merayakannya bersama kami. Continue reading “This is How We Spread Holiday Cheer This Christmas”

Sebastian’s Interview with Channel News Asia: Why Be an Early Bird in Indonesia’s Tech Industry

Channel News Asia recently covered a story on the tech industry in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta where they’ve all gathered in the Slipi area, West Jakarta, thus dubbing the place as Slipicon Valley, obviously a pun for the famed Silicon Valley.

As Sebastian Togelang – Founding Partner of Mountain Kejora Ventures – was interviewed in the news coverage he stated that tech industry in Indonesia are still in the nascent stage, “like early 2000s of Europe or the 2006 of China, so it still has huge potential to grow.”

We believe this huge potential is the reason why it’s good to be an early bird player in this industry in Indonesia. Just as Mountain Kejora is currently doing by incubating 20+ tech startups as they are all growing together in Slipicon Valley.

Why Slipi? The obvious reasons are reasonable rent and proximity to Jakarta’s CBD. But there are also other reasons why these tech startups must stick together geographically while the industry is still in the infancy stage.

Being close to each other, it’s easier for these early bird companies to raise funds, meet up and brainstorm. Raising a startup is super hard, so it is more manageable if startups stick together and collaborate. It’s also interesting to note that the tech startups there are not like conventional businesses that are more likely to ‘bump heads’ in the market. Of course competition is still there, but according to Jason Lamuda, CEO of, they are more interested to unlock Indonesia’s “huge potential to grow” as mentioned by Sebastian rather than eat each other’s pie.

As the industry is growing exponentially, we can expect more foreign parties coming in to accelerate things even more, and it would be easier for them if they know Jakarta already has an area well pegged for this.

Enjoy the video!


ARENA1: One of The Best Demo Day Ever!

Within 3-4 weeks preparation for ARENA1 Demo Day, all startup teams in KejoraHQ were very excited yet very nervous, especially founders who were about to pitch in front of 80+ investors. When guests started coming and filled Seminar room, we served coffee break with sweet pâtisserie. Mr. Andy Zain gave a short opening introduction about ARENA1 Demo Day and all startups pitch at 10.30AM. Alongside with the pitching session, we also asked everyone to vote for their favourite startups. Continue reading “ARENA1: One of The Best Demo Day Ever!”

Launching of New Kejora Website

We’re really proud that we can finally launch a new website for Kejora, which is Not only we have a new domain, but also we have a brand new website design. While working on this, we know that Kejora is not just a co-working space, but Kejora is a whole package of Venture Capital, Incubator/Accelerator Program, Events & Conferences, but beyond that we have people behind this great Kejora. So, let’s us take a selfie first.

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500Startups are visiting Kejora on Tuesday 22 July 2014

The event starts with Opening from Pak Andy Zain where he shares with the Geeks about the vision of Kejora, our elite co-working space which is a home to our 3 programs Founders Institute, IDEABOX and Mountain SEA Ventures. He further explains about the programs and the benefits that we offer to our residents.

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