Should You Prepare a Financial Projection for You Startup?

Should you? Knowing that most of the numbers are based on assumptions, and most likely will be proven wrong.

The answer is, YES. Not for the sake of the number only, but to understand the financial mechanics (drivers) of your business – what drives revenue and costs. Because finance (and accounting) is the language of business, and us, venture capitals, speaks that language quite fluently… so entrepreneurs should be able to speak with the same language.

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What Does a VC Expect in a Pitch

So you have decided to raise funding from venture capitals.

Long story short, you’ve met any of us from Kejora in one of those startup events in Jakarta. You’ve delivered your elevator pitches, showed us your product demo, engaged in quick Q&A… and we invited you to a more detailed presentation session – “we would like to hear more about your startup” 

Now, what do I expect when I invite startups for a presentation (“a pitch”)? Plus, due to popular demand, I attach a template that you can follow.

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Impress Your VC with Well Prepared Documents

Yes, it is true… whenever I received a nicely prepared document (including pitch deck) from a prospective startup, his/her chance for getting funded has increased. Or when I asked for follow up documents and they revert back to me in a timely manner, it even impresses me further.

The secret is to prepare these documents in advanced.

What are “these documents”, by the way? The answer depends from VC to VC and varies according to your startup development stage; although for us, you’ll need to have the following:

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