Wavoo Invades Bandung

Wavoo, our cool friendship app, is expanding its brand awareness and reaching out new users in different cities in Indonesia. Wavoo’s awesome team is trying their best to utilise different approaches for creative branding activities. One of them is to be part of local city event.

We chose Bandung Taste Market as our first project and successfully reached more than 2000-ish users each day for 3 days. The team successfully formulated a great way to acquire potential users in a food-themed event, by giving away paper fan, free cold drinks, free wifi, charging points and flyers. The event itself was held in parking lot basement, with a barely connected 3G connection, a hot and humid temp and most of the merchants was selling foods but not drinks. So, the team provided what users really needed (as well as Wavoo App – we give what the users need)! Continue reading “Wavoo Invades Bandung”