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About Kejora

Why Work with
Kejora Capital?

"Kejora is actively hands-on to support the portfolio beyond the investment itself. We strategically build the synergies between our companies, providing the support they need to grow and engaging with them on an operational level."

Andy Zain, Managing Partner

"Our founder-focused investment philosophy guides us to create, build and scale our portfolio companies. Our vast experience in venture building and strong and robust network of key decision makers within the corporate and individual client sectors will help our founders and companies to thrive."

Billy Boen, Partner, Fund Director

"We apply 10 times more scrutiny than other VCs to ensure that we make the best possible decisions for our LPs. This level of diligence is a key part of our investment strategies and helps us to make well-informed, strategic decisions that drive our long-term success."

Andreas Surya, Partner, Director of Investments