The Kim Hai

Founder of SiCepat

The Kim Hai, CEO & Founder of Sicepat is a seasoned entrepreneur and logistic player whose businesses range from trading, distribution, socio commerce, and cargo prior to establishing Sicepat.Started as a small phone retailer in his early childhood, Kim Hai stretched out his experience to become a distributor of mobile phones. Moving from there, he went to Singapore, Hongkong, and China where he learned about logistic and cross-border operations, to achieve his final aim by being able to build a network in China.


His big passion for logistics leads him to the desire to grow Sicepat further by implementing his experiences and Network in China, providing him the capability to include technology providers of SF Express, ZTO, and others to his products. He needs a solid supporting system, so he looked for professional venture capital (Kejora) to aggressively expand the business. Kejora’s ecosystem and expertise in Technology, Investment and Business Development has helped SiCepat to grow to its fullest.