What’s in My Bag: Startup Edition

In this week we are ransacking the bag of one of Shopdeca’s merchandiser. A merchandiser’s job in a fashion e-commerce like Shopdeca is to ensure that products will be popular on the Shopdeca’s website. appear at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities. Hence merchandisers in Shopdeca have to work closely with vendors to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor sales of SKUs in the Shopdeca website. Due to her job in finding merchandises to put in the Shopdeca’s e-commerce site, we would predict that this merchandiser from Shopdeca will have many cute things to show us. Let’s find out what’s in her bag!

[Disclaimer: All items shown in the picture below have been approved by the owner to show in the Kejora Blog.]

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe asked one of the merchandiser from Shopdeca to talk about the things in her bag and share what she needs the items for. Starting from her laptop, she told us that most of her work is done through her laptop. From researching about the products, contacting vendors to checking stocks of product for the website, all are done using her laptop. She told us that she wouldn’t know what she would do if her laptop were to break down for a day.

After she showed us the other items b38fff29-9802-42e4-a514-a0d527ad74cdin her bag and was shocked with the color coordination of her items. Apparently pink is one of her favorite color, but the reason why everything was pink was purely unplanned. The book seen on the right image is the merchandiser’s scheduling book where she puts down the dates when items are coming in from the vendors, her meetings and other things that she needs to have as a reminder in her agenda.

When we asked our mystery merchandiser why she bought a pink pen, she replied that she bought it so that it can match her agenda book. She really like her things to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. When her work area is aesthetically pleasing, she would feel more energetic to do her work.

Next item in her bag was her pink water bottle, she brought it to work because she would rather have her own container for her drink. In addition, her thinks that her bottle design is very cute. We also found strawberry KitKat bars in her bag. She told us that the KitKat bars are for her when she feels like she’s having a low blood pressure. Chocolate tends to make her more awake and curbs her hunger pangs.

We also found a stapler that she use for her invoices and receipts as well as a sample for one of her future products in the e-commerce (Pop-sockets). Last, we found her hand moisturizer. Our mysterious merchandiser told us that she likes to take care of her skin and that her hands tend to get dry very often. So she have to bring her favorite hand moisturizer everywhere she goes.

When looking at the items in our Shopdeca mystery merchandiser’s bag, we weren’t surprise that we found so many cute things. Afterall, her job is hunting for cute and interesting things to sell in Shopdeca’s e-commerce site. Join us in our next article in our “What’s in My Bag” segment to find out more about the startup ecosystem in Kejora HQ and what it is like working in a co-working space through exploring our residents’ bags.






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